Mobile Workshops

Mobile Workshops

We now offer a range of mobile workshops that we can deliver at schools, playgroups, youth centres
uniformed groups and organisations that work with children. Here are a taste of some of the
workshops we have on offer for different age groups. We can also tailor workshops to meet your
specific groups needs.

If you would like us to come to your group and deliver an exciting Wild Things workshop drop us an
email at

Marble Runs

Probably our most popular workshop to date, this great wee project combines a variety of simple
skills for young children as an introductory session to tool use. It combines a creative process of
designing your own marble run and then involves lots of hammering, sanding, sticking and screwing
to create your masterpiece. In this workshop we make use of scrap wood and junk to create
individual marble runs for children to take home. These workshops are suitable for children aged
from 5-12 years of age.



Marble Labyrinths

Our second tools workshop is our new marble labyrinth which combines working with green wood
and scrap wood to create marble mazes that the children design at the start of the session. The
workshop includes design, sanding, drilling, cutting using secateurs, and hammering to bring their
mazes to life. This is a great wee project for children that uses a range of tools and is a lot of fun to
complete. This workshop is again suitable for Primary aged children from 5-12 years of age.



Nail Art

Hammering is undoubtedly one of the most popular tool activities in younger children and in this
activity there is plenty hammering in abundance! Children start the session by sawing a piece of
scrap wood that suites their design and then using either a pre-cut template or a hand drawn design
to trace on their chosen picture and then let the hammering commence! After hammering the
outline of the picture we use scrap wool weave around the nails and create the 3D picture. These
are a great wee art project to take home and display. This project is ideal for ages 5-12 years of age
and can be adapted for a younger age group who would like to try some simple hammering skills (3-5
years of age).



Bush Craft Workshops

Our bush craft workshops are suitable for any age and can be tailored to suit your groups needs or
requirements. We can theme our workshops to a survival type session where we focus on setting up
camp, den building, fire lighting, hunting games and cooking over a fire, or we give a list of possible
activities for your group to choose from and we weave together a session that fits your group
perfectly. Activities can include:

    • Nature Art
    • Den Building
    • Mud Kitchen
    • Slack Line and mini assault course
    • Fire Lighting
    • Foraging
    • Water Filtering
    • Bow and Arrows Games
    • Woodland Games
    • Tug-o-War



Loose Parts Play

We offer Loose Parts play as part of our children’s clubs and workshops at the Carmichael Estate and
know how much fun this can bring the children so we decided to take this on the road! In this
mobile version of our Loose Parts sessions we bring fabrics, ropes, tarps, cardboard and lots of fun
junk material for children to piece together to build cars, make castles and create art master pieces
on the floor.
These sessions are very active, very play based and can be tailored to both pre-school age groups and
5-12 years age range also. Contact us on the above email to discuss your requirements.



Herbal/Foraging Workshops (Seasonal)

During the warmer months if you have a woodland or outdoor space near your group we can make
use of natures bounty by foraging and creating a campfire cookery session for your group or a Herbal
Remedies session where we can make some simple healing balms and creams for children to take
home and enjoy.

These workshops are aimed at children aged from 5-12 years of age and we can also offer this
workshop for Parent and Baby groups where the recipes are aimed at parents and the little ones can
join in with the making. Drop us an email with your groups requirements.


Nature Art

Depending on the season and your location we can offer indoor or outdoor Nature Art sessions
where we combine natural materials to create a range of art projects including self-portraits,
mandala’s, nature weaving, nature bracelets and crowns and nature pictures. These workshops are
suitable for all age ranges, group sizes etc and we can tailor them to meet your needs. Please get in
touch to discuss your requirements.




We can also tailor whittling, pewter casting, green woodworking workshops for smaller groups or we run specialist sessions at our Carmichael Estate site nr Lanark throughout the year.  Please contact us for further information or to make a booking.  Email or call 07535721598 for an informal chat about your requirements.