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Wild Women 2022 – ‘Embrace the Elements’ Programme

May 7 @ 10:30 am - November 19 @ 2:30 pm


Our Wild women programme is back for 2022 with a focus on bringing us back to nature to re-balance and connect after what has been a challenging couple of years for us all.

Now with payment plan options!

We will use the 4 Elements as our guide for connection, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and this year we will meet in 4 different locations to strengthen our bond with Mother earth through different landscapes.

Your guides for these sessions will be Claire, Emma and Lisa, experienced forest leaders with a wealth of wild knowledge between them and those of you who know us…a fair bit of banter too!

Session 1, Element Water: Saturday 7th May 10.30-2.30

In this session our first sessions of the year, we will drink in the Spring through a connection with water.  We will meet at Wanlockhead Community Centre and walk mindfully together to Glen Franka where we will gather, practice breathwork for our water connection and then for those who wish to enter the water we will undertake a water meditation for focus and rebirth.  You will be fully supported with whatever stage you would like to take this too by a supportive and experienced team of women.


We will use the grasses and reeds around us to weave small offerings to the Goddess of the water and for those who would like to try something a little more challenging we can work on some simple grass baskets.


We will collect wood and make fire for cooking and gather nettles for a Spring soup with wild herb damper bread.

For this session to help prepare for cold water immersion we recommend taking daily showers with increased immersion to cold water for 30 seconds working up to 3-5 minutes if possible.  This is not essential but helps overcome cold water shock and can make the experience more enjoyable.  If you would like anymore information on this technique please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team through Wild Things Scotland facebook or Claire on 07535721598

Session 2, Element Air: Saturday 23rd July 10.30-2.30

Our Summer session will embrace the Element of Air as we breathe in the Summer’s warmth and enjoy a trip to Broughton Knowe woodland.


Here we will forage through the rich landscape for elder to make whistles with which to embrace the air/wind element.

We can also use herbs and flowers we find on the way to make simple smudge sticks. (Lavender, mint, dandelion, yarrow)


When we come together at our communal space we will take part in some simple stretching and flow exercises to help us connect with the air through movement and then settle the body down into meditation, working on connecting deeply within our bodies through the power of the breath.

We will snack on foraged salad with herb pancakes and a summer flower/herb tea


Session 3, Element Earth: Saturday 17th September 10.30-2.30

As the days start to shorten we will move deeper into ourselves and connect to the Earth element.  We will connect to the earth through gentle mindful walking, mushroom identification and foraging for natural materials with vibrant colours with which we can use to dye. We’ll share folklore and knowledge on the way and then gather at our communal space to work with our materials to create earthy tie dye headbands to take home.

Using crystals we’ll connect to the earth through this sessions meditation and have some quiet time in a nature sit spot to be present with our surroundings.

Together we’ll gather to cook mushroom risotto over the fire and warm pine needle tea.


Venue to be confirmed for this session.




Session 4, Element Fire: Saturday 19th November 10.30-2.30

For our final session of the year we will embrace the warming element of fire as we come back to our roots to gather at our original site on Carmichael Estate.

In the shelter of the woodlands we’ll look at different techniques to make candles, rush candles and log candles.  We’ll also introduce some axe work to create Swedish Torches will we’ll burn to keep us warm.


We’ll learn about fire scrying and take some time to work with the element in deep focus and meditation, taking notes of any messages that may come through for us.  We’ll also have the opportunity to give blessings and thanks to the fire.


A warming winter soup will be available over the fire.

As we gather as a group around the heat of the fire we’ll lead in song to round up our annual sessions and bring a close to the year.

The session dates are as follows:

  • Sat 7th May 10.30-2.30pm
  • Sat 23rd July 10.30-2.30pm
  • Sat 17th September 10.30-2.30pm
  • Sat 19th November 10.30-2.30pm


Places are limited.


Block bookings are currently available to secure your place for all of the 4 sessions, with concession tickets also available for individuals or families on benefits or low income.


Prices are as follows:

Block bookings = £160.00

Block Concession price = £120.00

Concession prices are for individuals who are on a low income or on benefits.  Please contact confidentially if you are unsure of your bracket.


We are offering tickets as a one off payment or as 3 monthly installments. Please choose the option that works best for you.


Full Price, 4 session Block booking £160:



Concession, 4 session Block booking £120:




Payment Plan Options


Full Price Payment Plan (£160 Total)

Installment 1 (Buy now to secure place on course) £60


Installment 2 (Due March 31st) £50


Installment 3 (Due April 30th) £50



Concessions Payment Plan (£120)

Installment 1 (Buy now to secure place on course) £40


Installment 2 (Due March 31st) £40


Installment 3 (Due April 30th) £40



These sessions will take place in  variety of locations locally. Please arrive at least 5 mins before the session begins to walk down to our chosen location together. Sessions may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions but alternative dates or a full refund will be given.


For further information please contact claire@wildthingsscotland.co.uk




May 7 @ 10:30 am
November 19 @ 2:30 pm


Wild Things Scotland
01899 438139