About Wild Things

Wild Things Scotland CIC  is a forest based social enterprise  focusing on reconnecting children and communities with their local woodlands and green spaces.

Our aim is to provide access for individuals to woodland experiences that will improve the health and well being of members of the local community and beyond.

We are based in the beautiful countryside of Biggar, South Lanarkshire holding workshops in a variety of locations including Carmichael Visitors Centre and Biggar Little Quarry which is a stones throw from Biggar town centre.  We also provide a variety of outreach workshops to schools, nurseries and private events.

As a not for profit organisation we ensure that all our profits are fed directly back into the business to offer affordable workshops and services for everyone.  All of our workshops are offered on a sliding payment scale so that those who are more able pay the full price of the service and are helping us to support subsidised places for those on a lesser income.

Categories are as follows:

Full Price Workshop                                         £8

Household Income less than £20,000       £6

Unemployed and on benefits                         £4

For any further information on our payment policy and your eligibility please use our contact form page.  All enquiries are dealt with as confidential.